Web Design 1A

An introduction to the basic principles of web development using HTML & CSS.

Time (timezone converted to UTC)

Sat, 5:00 – 5:45 PM UTC

Dates (mm/dd)

7/6, 7/13, 7/20, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10



Ages (recommended)

ages 6 & up

Introduces students to the basic principles of web development. Students will learn how to develop and style basic websites using HTML & CSS.

Topics covered in 1A include HTML page structure, basic CSS styling, and the CSS box model. Students will able to create their own static (no JavaScript) website by the end of the class.


1Getting started: Repl.it setup, intro to HTML/CSS
3Page structure, basic tags
4Creating links with <a>, creating lists: unordered, ordered
5CSS styling pt. 1: basic properties
6CSS styling pt. 2: more properties
7CSS styling pt. 3: advanced styling

This course qualifies for our

Certificate of Excellence

Students who attend all classes & complete all homework assignments with a score of 80% or above will be eligible to receive our Certificate of Excellence, documenting their successful completion of the class.

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